Here A. Nonymous tackles the selfishness and misery incurred by

carnivorous pet owners.....


Lost Cat Poster, Lost Cat Sign, Lost Cat Template

The first A.Nonymous poster put up on the south circular road at Kew in April 2020. It was torn down one day later.


lost cat! watch the movie


How many times have you seen a Lost Cat sign? Numerous no doubt. More often than not it is not the owner who is lost, the cat on it's lead free contract, has simply found another owner who suits it's needs better than the present owner.

Sadly keepers of carniverous animals believe they are "Animal Lovers" but this is very far from the truth, they infact directly contribute to the mass murder of numerous species of Fish; Horses; Ponies; Cows; Calves; Pigs; Chickens etc. They will not think one jot abot the sheer misery generated to supply their precious pet with a meal.....often the meat being sourced from abroad so more profit is generated...


. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdTvzJsXUpA


Their purchasing or accepting a pet, is perpetuing the continued practice of taking a young animal from its mother so it is enforced to be dependant on the owner for it's food and security. This enforced enslavement we have undertaken for 1000's of years, to keep us from boredom while we travel through time to this present time of plenty. Sadly, this selfish act is now blown out of proportion, there are now 11 million cats in the UK, it is said that a cat will eat on average the equivalent of 2.5 cows in its lifetime, an average cat in the UK lives for 14 years, from this you can calculate the following:


One cat will kill ( equivalent weight of) a cow every 5.6 years ( 14 yrs divided by 2.5 cows)

Therefore the equivalent of 11 million cows are killed every 5.6 years

5.6 years is 2,044 days which divided by 11 million cats equals a staggering

5,381.60 ( equivalent weight of) Cows are being killed TODAY to feed the cat population in the UK ( add to this the rest of the world...... )

Add to this the dog population of 9 million dogs in the UK, who eat more than cats, and you have probably an additional 15,000 ( equivalent weight of) cows being killed TODAY and you have with this a truly miserable trail of blood leading directly to the selfish carnivarous pet owner's selfish need to own a pet.

Now we ask you, if there was film footage of 20,000 cows being shoved into a slaughter house, and then continued footage of this going into tins for cats and dogs..... and then footage showing the brown bloodied gloop being emptied from tin to bowl .....would there be so many cats and dogs bred for profit in this country/world???????


People own pets for numerous vain and stupid reasons:


They are lonely - try brushing up on your social skills.

They feel justified as they kindly rescued a "Rescued" cat or dog - try rescuing a Cow, Pig, Pony etc. it is less destructive.

They are given it as a gift....little do they realise that the gift will cost them on average £12,000 on food bills, vet's bills, time lost....plus a massive karmic bill.

They want to be fashionable and buy a small dog so they can be seen with a live dog stuffed into, and hopefully shitting, in their designer labelled hand bag.....I hope the dogs moist sweaty arsehole, from being baked in the leather sack, comes into close contact with the owers lipstick.....


vain idiots with handbag dogs

Please note we have blurred the identity of the dogs faces to protect them from having to be seen with such shallow minded narcissistic losers.

Whatever the reason gullible humans are responding the repetitive bombarding of: Pet Food advertising; Celebrities showing off their pets; On going indoctrination as children with shows like Blue Peter; Mimicking their selfish parents habits; Submitting to peer pressure and buying a carniverous pets at the cost of ongoing misery and murder...

The relationship you have with your pet is false, it only stays with you because you feed it and have punished it into obedience and servitude, you will only keep it if it defecates where you want it to and it does not incur excessive vet's bills. Lastly if you and you dog were trapped in a sink hole for a week one of you would start considering eating the other.....


Wise up and break this insidious wheel by deciding no to owning a carnivorous pet in the future......





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